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five poems

The musicians who accompany Aldo in his poetry reading are Mario Rechtern from Austria, on reeds and self-made instrument, and Eric Zinman on piano and euphonium.

October 5, 2005

you who more than once survived
daring to steal one more kiss
from death’s seductive lips

you who many times was blinded
by the moon’s total eclipse’s fiery edges
the hidden sun’s energy burning with visions

you who believed that creativity & freedom
are as essential as breathing oxygen is for life
witnessed the conquering barbarian invasion

you who once sang childhood songs to the wind
the melodies blown away with old war memory dust

one day they found you scavenging
through garbage cans & junk yard refuse
talking about waste & futility searching for real meaning

your racing media mind plays images of wolves
& wild horses chasing fleeting clouds to freedom

you spoke of menacing deep hollow darkness
swallowing the mind & soul
you spoke of fear as a controlling power

your strange obsessed visions
have aroused the authority’s suspicion
you could be a possible danger to society

are you a paranoid madman
a subversive mind playing a fool
hiding a destructive secret plan in the brain?

they have isolated you under surveillance
inside the psycho-ward at the state controlled institution
iron bars over the window fragment the sky’s desire for freedom

during the induced sleep
they inject the TRUTH SERUM

they insert the spy-chip inside the brain
collecting data from images floating unconsciously free
analyzing them for potentially threatening content

experimenting with the latest technology
they try to reprogram your mind
to willingly accept the brave virtual new reality

painful war memories flashback
project from your mind’s antique lanterna magica
the lips speak silence to the open wound

hallucinating you see van gogh’s sunflowers
growing from wasted visionaries’ ashes
reaching for the sun

the hidden flames burning with



October 28, 2006

                        she sings to the child
                                    flies swarming
                                    over the frail body
                        she sings rocking
                                    the child in her arms
                                    the voice adding
                                    to resistance graffiti
                                    over the shell-wounded
                                    surviving wall
                        she sings rocking the child
                                    a famished dog scavenging
                                    among few scattered corpses
                        she sings rocking
                                    the child’s head without gravity
                                    swollen eyes without sight
                        rocking the weightless body
                                    getting cold
                                    evening sun disappearing
                        she sings rocking the child
                                    under hidden stars
                                    till daybreak
                                    past noon
                        rocking past the new descending
                                    evening sun
                                    the child’s mouth
                                    not breathing
                        she sings rocking
                                    the child’s lifeless body
                                    much colder
                                    this catatonic woman
                                    to this day still is
                        rocking the lost child
                                    in her arms


July 30, 2006

                    they are lost in an apocalyptic landscape
running- - -
  - - -through the unpredictable geometry of chaos
                             running- - -
                    - - -through pounding explosions - endless destruction
                                                                        running- - -
                 - - -through craters of blood - human carnage
                                            running- - -  
          - - -through pounding explosions - endless destruction
                           running- - -
      - - -through massacred children - chocking dust
                                                                                               running- - -
  - - -through pounding explosions - endless destruction           
                                    running- - -
                      - - - through the silence of humanity

                                                                                   lost in the barbarian world coming to be

June 9, 2005

yesterday dreaming I heard
the rain’s black enamel drops
falling over van gogh’s starry night
swirling dripping with metaphysical
intricate webs
a jackson pollock dance
penetrating the transplanted cornea
inside night’s blind spot

the world was spinning out of control
increasing speed
breaking the sound barrier
& with surveillant eyes
imbedded in the deep black on black sky
the RULER OF THE UNIVERSE rained down
killer missiles
exploding everywhere over the globe
blowing up heads & minds
dispersing body parts hanging from trees
as etched by goya in the disaster of war

suspended in outer space
there were creative souls
isolated tortured & blinded
for envisioning entropy & chaos
hearing easy listening drones
played by collector’s gold coins
before melting with nuclear lava

inside a cave
a surviving solitary hermit
was endlessly rubbing 2 flint stones together
a futile act attempting to make a spark
starting a flame
that would bring a light
to the sidereal darkness swallowing the globe 


August 3, 2006

can the poet’s rage
match the devastating power of
the killer’s missile

can the words spell out
barbarian devastation

can spoken words
rise above the explosion
dismembering the child

can he write
the smell of human decay

can the poet
give consciousness
to silence

aldo reading at south end tech, boston