Two-dimensional works:    1948-1958   |   2010 Retrospective
2010 Retrospective

We Are Primitives of a New Era

“I am involved with an approach toward the creative process which faces man in the Space Era. I believe this era demands an understanding of the “instantaneous”; the ability to communicate at the speed of light; the development of organic concepts to bring man closer to the forces of nature - a new orientation of the senses. The technological world is merging with our daily life. The future demands a realistic approach based on energy demanding new solutions.” A.T. 1962

Tambellini later added: “The Universe is driven by cosmic order as if organized by a Mathematical order. The creative artist searches for the cosmic order communicating it to our life. Since the first walk in Space, we have left the Earth…the search is for a new cosmic language.” A.T 2010

Black Energy Suspended Series

works on found architectural paper

"In 1988-89 I found several discarded rolls of architectural paper which had graphic lines and symbols. Selecting certain ones, I laid them on the floor of my apartment and painted as traditional Chinese or Japanese artists would do-the paper on the floor, I on my knees, using black acrylic paint, wax, and powder graphite and no white.

"Responding intuitively with quick automatic gestures, being aware of the printed symbols and other signs existing on the paper and integrating these into the process allowing no change. Sometimes, I used implements to make incisions on the surface. Each image which I worked on led to the next painting in a sequential order as I had painted each frame of the 'Black Film Series' in the 1960’s. I call this series of approximately 175 pieces, 'Black Energy Suspended Series'." AT, 1989


catalog for 2010 retrospective

Catalog for BLACK IS: Painting, Videograms, Sculpture, Video (pdf) shown at the Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge, MA