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Early Works
aldo's first poem
from "the first 16 poems"



eravamo vicini
alla finestra
e si guardava il sole
verso il meriggio
poi ad un tratto
dal cielo
venne la morte
e nel terrazzo
un cavallo rosso di legno
rimase dondolando

ricordo di bimbi



around nooon
we were
by the window
looking at the sun
when death
came from the sky
& in the terrace
a red wooden horse
kept rocking

remembrance of children

adela 1944
Adela 1944


August 18, 1990
to Giorgio de Chirico*

I was brought up
in the piazza
among the aging marble
sleeping romanesque sculptures
train waiting departing
from the station
I used to stand as a child
by the wooden bridge
filling up
from the black coal smoke
while manikins in the
formed mathematical equations
enigmas next to triangles
T squares & protractors
configuring metaphysical symbols
I tasted the round sweet chestnut bread
seasoned with rosemary
on the crust
seeing shadows elongating
climbing up slowly
cutting the stones
with the unique light
indigenous to tuscany
but I was born
in another land
in the cruel snow
the mind
did not want to remember

* Girogio de Chirico (1888-1978) – Italian Painter